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Retained Search

Our retained search philosophy is one of focus:

  • Apical offers unequaled domain expertise related to finding the very best candidates available.
  • Professional consultants averaging over 15 years of experience
  • Each search is managed personally
  • Extreme levels of credibility, honesty, commitment and professionalism
  • Consultative environment where we fully understand your business and requirements
  • Able to leverage the best and most vast network of industry professionals

Apical believes that fostering great relationships with our clients enables us to become an extension of their companies. Thus, we are very much in tune with our clients and their business goals and add value at every level

*Our retained search is an employee screening process that is designed to enable highly skilled professionals to find opportunities in the work environment that they are best suited for. By using this process, Apical is able to offer our clients highly skilled candidates with proven track records.

Apical’s proven search process uses set criteria in order to obtain the best candidates for any given role. To begin with, Apical obtains a thorough understanding of your company. This provides us not only with an idea of the type of company that you are and how you fit into your specific industry, but it also gives us a better understanding of the job role involved. This means that our candidates will have a complete idea of the role that is being offered by you.

We understand that each company has an urgency in regard to getting a search done effectively. We also know the importance of providing only the best candidates who have the right attitude, the right skills and the right experience to make major contributions to your organization. Apical adheres to the following 7 levels in each and every search to guarantee success:

Level One: Within 24 hours after the contract is signed, we provide a detailed position paper for your review, changes and sign off. At that time, a Talent Hunter will be assigned to the search to oversee the day-to-day activity. Throughout the search, you will receive written status updates outlining the progress of the search as well as any market intelligence that we have gained during this search.

Level Two: Once Apical has sign off on the position paper, we go to work!!. The Talent Hunter assigned to the search, reviews our proprietary database and develops a customized search plan to tap into our extensive network of industry contacts and relationships to create lists of sources and qualified candidates that match the position criteria.

Level Three: Our Talent Hunter will identify candidates based on skill sets, cultural fit and interest level. If we feel there is a strong match, the candidate is interviewed by phone by the Talent Hunter as well as  the principal of our firm. If we believe the candidate could qualify for the short list, we will meet with the individual in person where applicable. A candidate is not eligible to be included on a short list unless all the interviewers agree the candidate is indeed qualified for the role.

Level Four: If candidates pass the muster during the interviews, we will perform reference checks on each candidate. These references will be with a previous direct report, peers, managers or internal clients. These references will provide you with insight into why this candidate has been successful in the past and how they could add value to your organization immediately.

Level Five: Once our short list is compiled, we meet with you either face-to-face or via a phone conference in order to present our candidates and discuss their qualifications. From this discussion, you will select the candidates that you wish to meet. From there, we will coordinate all interviews between you and the candidates, providing you both with extensive background information needed for a successful discussion. After each candidate is interviewed, we will debrief the candidates, providing you with detailed feedback. Once that is complete we will communicate the next steps to the candidates.

Level Six: Once the first short list is presented, we continue to provide a rolling list of pre-screened, reference-checked candidates until an offer of employment has been made and accepted. We will even help write the offer with you – and resolve any issues that might arise, including relocation if needed.

Level Seven: We will work with you and your new hire in an effort to make sure that the on-boarding process is seamless. As all of our hires are guaranteed for 180 days, we will be staying in contact with you to ensure that the new hire is fully integrated into the management team and is meeting your performance expectations to the fullest extent.

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