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Retained HR Service

Apical realizes that as a small to medium-sized business, that our clients resources, employees, finances and most of all, their time has been stretched way too far? This is a big reason why Retained HR Services can be of great benefit. Our current business climate is pressuring companies to find strategies that can reduce their costs and increase efficiency and productivity. Apical’s Retained HR Service is an amazing way to save time and money while helping to reduce your risk. Most importantly it allows our clients to focus on running their business.

 With the Retained HR Service, Apical can act solely as your HR Department or work alongside your established HR team, the choice is yours. Below is a list of services that Apical will supply to your company:

Our retained search philosophy is one of focus:

  • Provide an agreed upon number of hires for the engagement
  • Assist with development of Job Descriptions
  • Review of all resumes that are sourced by Apical or by you
  • Vetting and interviewing of prospective candidates sourced by Apical or you
  • Setting up of interviews of candidates
  • Provide feedback to your hiring managers (post interview)
  • Reference checks of the candidates of interest
  • Assist with offers and acceptances by candidates
  • Assist with any new hire “sign on” paperwork
  • Discussion of benefits and health plans of your company with the new hires
  • 30/60/90/120/150/180 day candidate and client follow up on new hires (employee and employer satisfaction surveys)
  • Social Media assistance in regard to job openings etc.
  • Act as another “Marketing” arm for your company
  • Provide access to a database of candidates that are specific to this industry.

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